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Climate action is required and we all want to make choices accordingly. For that reason companies and organisations that are part of the solution need to be seen, heard and chosen. It’s as simple as that.

We are an impatient group of brand and communication specialists rooted in both sustainability and marketing that make people act.


Strategy and Concept

The overarching idea that makes the complicated clear and desirable and that wakes up even the most sustainability-fatigued audiences in all channels. In other words, it’s the backbone of marketing communication.

Design and Brand

Game-changing businesses deserve the brand names, visual identities and brand voices they deserve. It’s the antidote to harmful blandness.

Impact Booster

Generic storytelling, soothing visuals and ignorance about communication regulations and directives won’t make the cut today. This is our analysis of your existing communication based on strategic, creative and regulatory requirements to spot hidden opportunities for increased impact.

In-house Plugin

Agency expertise for companies and organisations that don’t need an agency. Hands-on in-house support from our strategy, sustainability or creative specialists. Daily, weekly or monthly. Long- or short-term.

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Sproud - Pushing the protein shift with peas.

Packaging design and communication concept for the first alt-milk based on peas in Europe.

The design idea is all about total disruption on the highly competitive alt-milk shelf. An approach that gained listings in record time among the major supermarkets and online retailers in North America, the UK and Scandinavia. ”The Alt-Alt M*lk” concept is based on fashion, art and culture to position Sproud as the alternative to the alternatives. It serves as a tool for both brand building and tactical marketing.
Annual sales have doubled in all markets since the brand launched in 2018.

Proethos - Using a capitalist narrative as a force for good.

Communication concept and media strategy for one of Sweden’s most progressive savings funds, that has the objective to exclusively invest in solutions to the climate crisis (SFDR Article-9 fund).

The concept ”Klimatkapitalism” (Climate Capitalism) is the opposite of the conscience-based narrative often seen in sustainable savings communication. Instead, ”Klimatkapitalism” uses greed as an incentive to broaden the target group with the phrase ”Make money to keep the Earth from being destroyed”.The fund gained 5,000 new savers despite the economically-uncertain times in Sweden during the campaign period.

Mylla - Flipping the food industry pyramid.

Brand identity for a fair and resilient grocery chain on a market ruled by ”Big Food”. Mylla is an online marketplace where local producers and customers connect without a go-between.

The objective was to create a unique and scalable brand identity for the online experience and long-term growth. Food quality and flavour is the inspiration behind the retro logo and the tile pattern while the overall monochrome design supports the variety and quality of the local products.

Elis - Thought leadership on Sweden’s transition to a circular economy.

Elis Sverige has set the industry’s most ambitious sustainability goals with their sustainability strategy integrated into the overall business strategy. It was the first company in Sweden to receive a certification within the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The communication concept ”Hyr nu. Äg morgondagen” (”Rent today. Tomorrow belongs to you.”) positions Elis as a transition leader by putting circularity at eye level for internal and external stakeholders.

Greenhushpriset - Sweden’s largest award for silence.

Initiative, communication concept and identity for The Greenhush Award. The prize is awarded annually to companies that work actively to reduce their emissions - without talking about it. This silence makes it difficult for people to choose the best products and services for people and planet when change is urgent. Co-founded with the 2030-secretariat.



Lina Gustavsson
Lina Gustavsson Founder, Sustainability Communications Director +46 736 26 99 05 LinkedIn
Martin Kann
Martin Kann Founder, Creative Director +46 705 50 01 09 LinkedIn

Advisory Board

Lina K Wiles
Lina K Wiles Chief Sustainability Officer LinkedIn
Mattias Goldmann
Mattias Goldmann Climate Leadership Consultant LinkedIn